Crypto deal falls apart. Introducing 2 new business banks. Layoffs accelerate.
Nesto goes b2b. Why embed fintech? Symcor makes a play for open banking.

December 2022

Investment dealers become deals themselves. Yearning for yield. Halal finance.

November 2022

BNPL reports to credit bureau. FTX ๐Ÿ’” Bitvo. Borrowers getting triggered.
Pension fund ๐Ÿคฆ... again. Crypto exchanges diversify. Corp cards go international.

October 2022

Fintech for international students. Wealthsimple on a policy tear. How to rent out your spare room.
RTR gets delayed... again. Banks love doctors. Why fintechs wants SKU-level data.
When fintech gets way too meta. Google for insurance. Coinsquare got smarter.

September 2022

Embed fintech into everything. I'll take some insurance with that. Clearco comes home.

August 2022

M&A spree in the Prairies. Crypto finally regulated. Creators cash in.
Fintech sues real-estate associations. Canada gets another commercial bank. More fintech layoffs.

July 2022

From scandal to acquisition. Rent payment credit reporting. Flight insurers in a tailspin.